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Holy Cow!

This LiveJournal thing still works!

Will wonders never cease?
If you haven't noticed my absence here... well... :P to you.

If you have, it's not been your imagination. I've just been consumed by other things and don't have the time for LJ that I used to. (Not having an office has contributed greatly to this.) I've not even been reading my friends page.

This may or may not be a permanent situation. We'll see. I'm considering my options.

All in all, I'm doing well. Rumors of my demise are (as always) greatly exaggerated. In the meantime, I *do* microblog on http://twitter.com/jachee and possibly on http://tempeszt.tumblr.com

But really, for the time being, I'm living up to my name, and am wholly an ex-blogger.
Ugh... Stupid Daylight Savings Time.

I guess it's bedtime...
So far, being 30 hasn't been bad. It feels about like 29 did. Thanks to everyone who wished me well.

I've found myself with some time on my hands at work, and thought it'd be a good idea to update.

I'd like to upgrade my computers at home. My Mac is on the list of systems that won't run Leopard. My PC won't run the recent graphics update for EVE. The G4 could be brought into modern times for about $250. The PC will probably have to be replaced. It's really done me a good service, being I bought and assembled it in 2002 for ~$650 and only needed modest upgrades as time has trudged on. I've put together a wishcart on newegg for a replacement system for around $530 shipped. I'd love to run the latest incarnation of Fedora on it as the primary OS, but I'll probably run Ubuntu on it for playing EVE.

I've been playing my acoustic guitar a lot lately. I've gotten to where I can string a series of chords together fairly well, I think. I still have to fudge things in the B and F family sometimes, but G,C,D,E,and A type chords are fairly easy with minimal thought. I recently purchased and installed a set of Elixir strings on my Electric guitar so that I can try new things. Alas, its intonation is shot all to hell, and the best way to fix that, according to timemachinego (who I trust) is to take it to a pro.

Car-wise, I need to finish up prepping and repainting the MR2 wheels that synphreak gave me, so that I can put tires on them and put them on the CRX. It's also going to need a new clutch soon. Fortunately, synphreak and dingodingo have offered to help in that endeavor.

Looking forward to 2008, work-wise, I'm going to very rapidly acquire my MCT cert, and begin the trek toward CCNP. I've begun studying for the BSCI test.

I've also been tracking my finances using an interesting site called Moneytrackin'. It has helped me to visualize where my money goes each month. A major goal of mine is to bring my net worth into the black for good. Step one of The Motley Fool's investment strategy is to get rid of any debts. So, that's where I'm going to try to route all my extra money. Once that's done, I plan to start saving, and hopefully investing.

Career Meme

So there's this careercruising.com thing going around (if not on your friends page, then on mine.)

I decided to check it out, and see how far off my current career is from their suggestions, (based on 2 sets of questions) Cut so I can show the variety of each set of questions's results:

First Series (39 Questions) Results:Collapse )

After the first set of questions is finished, there's the option to answer a lengthy second set of questions to narrow things down and/or re-order the jobs. The questions tended (in my opinion) to relate more directly to the actual work environment rather than what one would prefer to do.

Second Series (56 questions) Results:Collapse )

A lot of interesting stuff in there. Alas, most of the second set's top 10 require a degree to even consider. Among the interesting things is how often Management type jobs appear. Maybe management is like math, one of those things that I'm good at, but don't particularly like the idea of it.

Bloop! Bloop! Bloop!

So, I've finally come into the 21st century way of watching TV: Time-shifted. A friend had a spare TiVo lying around (I don't need four) a few months ago, and I expressed interest in it. It's a series 2, 80-hour model. I had to get a USB Ethernet adapter to get it onto the home network, but that wasn't a big deal. A few reboots, downloads and connections later, it was up and working.

A TiVo without any pre-recorded programs is simply a pausable, rewindable TV buffer. That's not very exciting in and of itself. So, I browsed around and set up several programs as Season Passes™. Mostly stuff princessmargo and I watch already. However, part of the point is to be able to find new stuff.

So, if you have one, what's on your TiVo this season?

Boo Hiss.

I'm missing out on this:

for the second year in a row.

Call me Sandra Lee...

... but I just made a very yummy Semi-homemade dish.I call it (for lack of trying to find something better) Easy Mexironi.

Well, it was mostly pre-packaged, but it ended up very tasty:

Here goes:Collapse )


Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Life is going well.

More later.

Any questions?